If You Donate $1 a Day, 2 Lives Will Be Saved!

That’s the power of Pregnancy Math.

We’ve delivered 3,000 Healthy Babies & counting here in Cebu, Philippines. We’ve also helped provide quality maternity care to 3,000+ Healthy Moms, in which time we have had 0 maternal deaths. Statistically, 6.9 women should have died during this time – so 0 is a miracle!

We’ve crunched the numbers and last time I checked this wouldn’t cover an emergency room bill in the US, but for as little as $365 you can save 1 Mom + 1 Baby – 2 Lives @ Glory Reborn. That is just $1 a day – don’t get me started on the power of coffee again – but let me help you find a dollar. You could probably find $1 underneath your car seats, in your sofa, or just stop saying Super Size Me © at the Golden Arches.

Wherever you find your $1, I can guarantee one thing:

No other option for spending $1 will give you as much satisfaction as saving 2 Lives!

Save 2 Lives Today

There are two easy ways that you can save 2 lives today. You can make a one-time donation of $365 (left-side) or sign up to automatically donate $30 a month (right-side) – that’s just $1 a day and you can help us save 2 lives & get that warm fuzzy feeling for putting your dollar to good use!