Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Mar 22 2016

Invest in Saving Faith’s Life

A year into high school, Faith’s mother had to stop her from continuing with her studies and her passion for dancing worried about her condition being easily exhausted compared to girls her age and frequent episodes of fainting. Fearing this may result to further complications that need immediate medication. With a family of 11 children sustained by a father that repairs shoes for a living, Faith’s needed check-ups and medication had to be placed on back of other priorities.

Faith is the eldest of 11 children, 23 years old and is 37 weeks in labor when we had to send her into an Intensive care unit in a private hospital to cater to a heart anomaly diagnosed just weeks before she was due.

Oftentimes, the pregnancy check-ups that our marginalized patients receive at Glory Reborn are the first full check-ups that they have had in their entire lifetime! While it makes our job a bit challenging, and at times quite expensive due to a lot of laboratory work ups, we are so thankful that conditions that may have been troubling them since birth are finally being diagnosed and managed.

During her regular prenatal check-ups, Faith showed signs that needed further medical investigation. After a series of laboratory tests, Faith was diagnosed with a congenital heart anomaly which was now complicated by her present pregnancy. We had to immediately send her to the hospital when she came to us for a check-up one day with a heart rate that’s twice than normal for pregnant mothers.

With prayers, Faith normally delivered a healthy baby boy weighing in at 6 pounds born within 24hours after we sent her to a private hospital!

After a week’s worth of post-partum care and further health observation, Faith is finally discharged from the hospital and is going home with her healthy baby boy!

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We are also moved by the unwavering presence of her mother who was with her throughout her hospital stay – even when it meant just waiting outside the delivery room for most of the time. We can only imagine the thoughts and worries she had to undergo while waiting for her daughter and grandchild.

Helping them with the medical expenses is the least we can do.

We still do need assistance in shouldering the hospital expenses of her ICU stay and the medications she is receiving. For just a single day in the private hospital is equal to 2 months of her Father’s income.

In total, we need to raise 5,000 USD to cover the medical expenses with the care she is receiving.

You can help us by donating online: DONATE NOW (Would you also share our donate page with your friends and family?: http://www.gloryreborn.org/donate )

We are ever so thankful for each of you as you invest in two lives with us today! We are also thankful for the local team of doctors and the private hospital where Faith can be managed.

Every donation and every show of support means so much so that we can continue to care for Faith in the best way we can. We appreciate all your prayers for her and her baby and will continue to keep you updated on her progress.

Life is worth investing in!

Thanks for investing with us today.