Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Apr 04 2007

March 2007 e-News

Welcome to another edition of Glory Reborn e-News! We have some exciting stories to share this month, and thought the old adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words is befitting.” So without further adieu…

Open Doors in Australia

We are eager to tell you about what has been happening at Glory Reborn and our connections with the Royal Hospital for Women in Australia. Several months ago David and Hilary just happened to meet an OB-GYN doctor in Cebu who was on a short trip and looking into the situation of women in Cebu City. By nothing short of Gods perfect timing John Eden, Hilary and David met for lunch and an instant connection was made. We spent the better half of the afternoon talking about women’s health in Cebu and how we felt the Lord was leading us in our ministry and clinic. An offer was made by John to come to Australia and speak at the hospital he is a part of. So, not knowing fully what we were getting into but trusting Gods plan David and I boarded a plane bound for Sydney. We were overwhelmed by the interest, hospitality and eagerness extended to us and Glory Reborn. After spending a few days at this amazing women’s hospital we were able to speak to the head of each department and the chief of hospital. We are now embarking on a dream of mine to have a funded research project on the STD and HIV rate of infected mothers in Cebu City. As there is no accurate or current data available, we will be meeting with the head of the Philippine Dept. of Health this April to verify and coordinate with local information and laboratories to further our studies. I am hopeful that knowing these statistics will in fact not just improve the lives of Filipino women but save lives. Over the last year of testing the women of Glory Reborn for such infections and working with our local OB-GYN we have seen a drastic improvement in the number of healthy babies we are delivering with less complications in pregnancy and a dramatic decrease in our pre-term deliveries. I am excited at what further research will reveal and how it will affect not just the women of Cebu but the women of the Philippines. We are so grateful that just a simple meeting at a mall in Cebu would turn into an opportunity to have a research project take place at Glory Reborn. We also want to thank John and Barbara Eden for their hospitality and touring of Sydney. Thanks!

Sharing Knowledge

Following in the footsteps of our Sydney trip, Hilary and intern Emily had the opportunity to give a two day lecture in Davao City on our STD findings in Cebu and proper techniques for screening. We spent our time testing as many women as we could fit into one Saturday and confirmed our hunch that better data does need to be collected in the Philippines and information needs to be given to women about their cancer risks. Many of the women screened did not even know that cancer could effect them. In between all of our teachings and travels we did get a chance to take our foster daughter, Jhanin, for her first boat trip to the next island and spend a day at the beach! She was ever so excited to see that a world beyond Cebu existed! Glory Reborn would also like to thank our two German nurses, Ilka and Doris, who worked with us this very busy month at Glory Reborn. We are also eager to be taking on summer volunteers and hiring two new staff members in order to increase the number of patients we can serve. Thanks to each of you for furthering Glory Reborn in our care to Filipino mothers. We are so appreciative of the LIFE you are helping us bring in as we celebrate HIS LIFE this Easter.


Hilary & David

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