Glory Reborn Cebu is a licensed lying-in birthing center under the Department of Health. Our staff is composed of:


Administrative Staff

Social Workers

Ministry Staff





Support Staff



Hilary Overton


After Hilary completed her midwifery training and received her degree and license in the US, she had a longing to return to her “mommies” of the Philippines. That is just what she did, and continues to do. Hilary also graduated from medical school with a passion to further enhance healthcare opportunities for the marginalized. Hilary’s strength and focus have allowed this clinic to have great success, we have even been recognized before the Philippine Congress! Amazingly, she never ceases to find more ways to help her patients and she truly longs for the day where she can help them in every situation that they face.

The Team

Who share their heart of compassion for the women of Cebu.

Be Part of the Team

Partner with us on our outreaches or operations and put your expertise to good use for the cause.