Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Oct 27 2010

A chance to connect with Glory Reborn's families – part 2

This is the continuation of our previous post, A chance to connect with Glory Reborn's families:


This month we wanted to give each of you an opportunity to hear the impact that Glory Reborn is making. The impact that your support empowers us to do. We have a regular feedback survey with our moms, and are sharing some of the highlights here. Out of the 17 most recent surveys, our overall rating was 9.59 out of 10, but we think the comments shared show an even better picture of the importance of our care!

Did the Glory Reborn staff assist you with quality service and care during your entire pregnancy?

Yes of course! The staff really assisted me well during my labor and delivery. I will not forget the good things that they showed me, for taking care of me during my delivery, they treated me as no other person.

It's really nice compared to a hospital. GRC is really good! My delivery is very great!

What experiences at GRC encouraged you to take better care of your family, especially your children?

I will really not forget all the teachings about God, about spirituality.

On how to take care of my kids…the teachings really helped.

Teaching about the Bible and how to apply it in everyday life and to my children.

What gives me encouragement is during fellowship before starting the prenatal. I really like during this portion, the fellowship because somehow I have peace of mind.

I can't forget all the GOODNESS that staff have shown to me.

What other comments/suggestions can you give to improve our service and care?

I hope you can help more moms here in our area.

Just continue your good service.

I hope you will still continue giving services to moms who can’t afford financially.

In all the clinics I've known, GRC is the BEST clinic!

I am so thankful and grateful to GRC.. Salamat kaayo...

Youʼve heard it from our clients, they are valuing the work here and want us to keep providing this quality care. It is our goal to continue providing it, and to keep improving it. As we look towards the end of the year, we really need your financial support to meet our annual budget as well as continue to be the BEST clinic this year and into the future.