Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat May 14 2016

A Mother’s Day Story pt.2

Now for my second Mother’s Day story. I spent the morning assigned to NICU where a tiny baby continued to wiggle around her warmer very unhappily, so I scooped her tiny self up and went on with my paperwork with her snuggled on my chest. Actually every time I’m assigned in NICU I try to give this little one extra snuggles. She has no name, no visitors, not even her own blanket or diapers but shares from the other babies because her mother did not survive childbirth. As I held her on this Mother’s Day and told her how much her mother loved her and would be so very proud of the fighter that she is, preterm and all, off oxygen and just waiting to be welcomed into a mother’s arms I thought again about those tough choices we make.

In caring for moms and babies for over 12 years I know how one choice can affect and change everything. I know how much we need the wisdom and knowledge of our Heavenly Father each and every moment of every day. I also know that we are not God, and He is the one that holds our hands and I’m thankful that I got to be a small part of this stranger’s baby’s life. I also thought how I wished her mommy would have found us while she was pregnant. I thought of how Jesus is truly watching over every little life and He is the greatest investor in these lives. I prayed for this little one’s grandmother, somewhere this mother’s day her heart must be aching that her daughter is not with her to celebrate. Then I prayed for the mother to be of this little one. That maybe her heart is aching this Mother’s Day wishing and praying to be a mother and little does she know there is a miracle fighting so hard for her today. I cried a bit as all the realities around me sunk in and I prayed that the Lord would continue to give us the support and the knowledge and the staff to continue growing Glory Reborn to reach more mothers.

This Mother’s Day I looked around at the harsh realities that mothers have faced, sacrificed, and the heartaches and losses yet in each story there is an immeasurable love and hope that mothers carry and I know it comes from up above.

As I held this little one, I know that Jesus knows her name and he knows her mother’s name and He holds them both. As a side note on behalf of this little one’s mother I will say that I am so proud of her tiny, premature self for being such a fighter and growing so much! I’m so thankful that she is not a neonatal statistic on this Mother’s Day!

Speaking of neonates, for neonates in the first 28 days of life the statistics are just as grim, with 13 neonates dying per 1,000 live births, source: World Bank Data

However it is through keeping these statistics in mind that we have come to value just how important regular prenatal check ups are to each of our mommies. We also see how each mom should have access to it, regardless of location or ability to pay. Whether it means them coming to us or us going to them, quality, complete prenatal care can change a life, this we have seen.

Take for instance the case of Baby Gabriella, her mom enrolled for prenatal care and because we are able to offer complete care which includes providing patients with access to necessary laboratory tests and ultrasounds during pregnancy baby, Gabriella’s condition was diagnosed while she was still in the womb. With that information, a plan was made for a safe place to deliver (in this case the hospital), a pediatric surgeon was lined up and ready to get the necessary tests done as soon as she was born and a few days later Gabriella underwent and survived her first surgery. Regular follow up check ups at the clinic and with her doctors continued until she was ready for the second surgery (let’s pray it will be her last) and follow ups still continue until presently. After 2 years Gabriella is still our regular visitor and we are committed to ensure Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies, Hopeful Hearts continues for Gabriella and her mother.

The early detection of anomalies or potential life threatening conditions allow us to make a plan, and give our all; investing in each life to the best of our ability. We are thankful for each of you for helping us invest in a quality facility, equipment and training for our staff that keep us caring for moms and babies and most especially, fuel on hope that we will be there all throughout the journey.

It saddens us to hear from some of our patients that they thought of regular prenatal check-ups as a luxury instead of a right. Much more to it, the pregnancy check-ups our patients receive from us are oftentimes their first medical check-up they have received in their lifetime.

We envision a world where every mom can walk into a health clinic and can have all of her health needs met and more. Your support has helped us not only ensure the safety and health of our mommies during pregnancy and birth but also gets their babies off on the right start! Thank you for investing in lives us!