Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Mar 24 2012

A New Family

It has been an exciting start into a New Year for us here at Glory Reborn. We had an experience that was a first for us here at the clinic. There are times when our mommies decide for a variety of reasons that they want to put their babies up for adoption. After much counsel if this is truly the wish of the mother then Glory Reborn refers their case to an amazing Christian orphanage in town. Once the baby is taken from Glory Reborn and put into the orphanage we don’t usually have the opportunity to see them again but know that they are in good hands. This month we had the privilege to see one of these babies meet his new family! Born in 2010 and named after our clinic driver John, this precious little one now has a beautiful family! John Staff Baby John and his parents were able to come visit the clinic – the place where he w as born and meet the midwife and nurse that delivered him. We were thankful that we had his first footprints and first picture in our records and were able to give these precious items to his new mom and dad. It was an incredibly fulfilling moment to have followed him from in the womb to welcoming him into the arms of his new family. We look forward to having a similar opportunity in the next few weeks with another little one born at the clinic who will be getting her new family. We are so blessed to know that truly there is a bright hope and future for each of these precious ones.