Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Aug 22 2009

A returning patient

This month has been especially rewarding for Glory Reborn. We have now officially delivered over 1,600 newborns! My how time flies. As I was contemplating just how quickly time flies I remembered the very first baby I delivered on my own as a midwifery student in the year 2001. I still remember everything about that first miraculous and beautiful birth. The mother, Alona, father Sagred, and their precious baby Alexandria will never leave my mind. It was the moment I knew I wanted to deliver babies for the rest of my life. I was able to keep in touch with Alona and Alexandria throughout the years and in 2004 I had the honor of delivering Alona and Sagred’s next daughter, Alouisa. Another perfect delivery and wonderful moment that I felt blessed to share in. Now, 1,612 babies later I couldn’t have been more excited to see Alona, Sagred, Alexandria and Alouisa back at the clinic for a visit one day. We enjoyed reminiscing about each of their deliveries and discovered some great news……another little one is on the way. The two girls were ecstatic to watch the ultrasound monitor as we got our first look at the next little one to come. It gives me such joy to share in these amazing moments with this precious family. With Alexandria 8 years old and Alouisa 4, it hit me just how long I have been a midwife and just how many of these precious families I have gotten to watch grow up over the years. It was also a testimony to the care, love and safety that our patients feel at Glory Reborn as they trust us with the lives of their newborns and invite us to share in their significant moment. I am so grateful that Glory Reborn exists for families like Alona’s that can continue to come back to familiar faces and a safe place to deliver their next bundle of joy. Thank you to each of you for the support you have shown to me and Glory Reborn over oh so many years which makes it possible for families to keep growing with us. We and they are extremely thankful for you!

One of our favorite patients, Alona and her family