Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Apr 03 2012

A Year for New Opportunities

As we mentioned in our last newsletter of 2011, there has been a lot of expansion at Glory Reborn. We are very excited to have even more expansion and growth in 2012 – in our facility, in the care that we provide, and in our hearts. This year we are expanding in a few specific ways: Partnerships, Missions & Movement.

Partnerships: We have the privilege of working with some great organizations here in Cebu and this year we are increasing our capacity to serve by taking our education modules outside of the clinic. We will be providing women’s health education to the clientele of our partners.

Missions: We will be returning to Cambodia in 2012 and we are very excited about this opportunity! We will be continuing to partner and work along side existing organizations there as we continue to look into opportunities for further expansion.

Movement: The Philippines is one of seven countries in the world that has an increasing HIV rate. As we survey the political and healthcare landscape we see models based on the If we build it, they will come mentality. Unfortunately for high risk individuals, that mentality does not work effectively. We therefore are focused on being in movement – always moving out of our walls and into communities that need help, and becoming a movement that inspires change within the communities around us and inspires others to use the talents that have to change the world. Part of the movement does include expanding our own facility to be able to provide additional services to the communities around as and be a training center for further expansion. 2012-01-budget We’d like to thank each of you who contributed to support Glory Reborn in 2011, with your donations we were able to raise our annual budget and provide quality care for: hundreds of moms, who are so thankful just like the moms who shared their feedback earlier in the newsletter, hundreds of health babies and countless hopeful hearts!

Your support is making a lasting impact in the lives of Filipinos, and we are so appreciative of that! What type of lasting impact? Well, we recently reviewed our statistics and in our 8 years of operation, we have cared for over 3,000 women! During that time we have had zero maternal mortalities. Statistically, based on the maternal mortality rate of the Philippines, we should have seen 7 women die! The impact of your support has helped thousands of women & babies, and saved at least 7 women from certain death!

As we take on the New Opportunities of 2012, we need your support. If you already support us, thank you & consider telling a friend how simple it is to save 2 lives! For those that don’t yet support us, I hope you will prayerfully consider it. It is amazing just how powerful $1 a day can be, because with that amount we can save 2 lives! This is what I call pregnancy math: 1 mom + 1 baby = 2 lives saved all for $1 a day. Would you consider using the included envelope to save 2 lives today?

Below are two options to Save 2 Lives today, the first with a one time donation of $1/day for the year: $365 the second is an option to donate $30 per month and Save 2 Lives through the course of the year:

[button link=”http://donate.gloryreborn.org/products/save-2-lives” size=”large” color=”pink”]Save 2 Lives (One Time)[/button] [button link=”https://gloryreborn.chargify.com/h/82912/subscriptions/new” size=”large” color=”pink”]Save 2 Lives (Monthly)[/button]