Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Thu Aug 31 2006

August 2006 Newsletter

Another Great Month Greetings everyone! Thank you for taking time to support Glory Reborn Organization. We have had another very successful month of normal deliveries We have been able to focus a lot of our attention this month on educating our mothers to be and sharing the joy of Jesus with them.

Improving Our Care

This month has been extremely successful for Glory Reborn in that we only had to transport one mother to the hospital for complications this month. With the help of our OB-GYN and laboratory we have started testing all of our patients for possible STDs. Our initial test results were shockingly higher than we imagined, but Praise the Lord, all of the infections we have encountered are completely treatable. By identifying the infections and treating them we are able to reduce the risks to the fetus and newborn and prevent pre-term labor thereby increasing the quality of treatment that Glory Reborn is providing. This month helped prove our theory to be true. We had only one transport for pre-term labor since we started our new testing procedures and offered appropriate treatment. We were able to prove that with treatment of these infections, our rate of complications from pre-mature deliveries and sick newborns decreased substantially. We are now working on making our findings known to the local health departments. Sadly, because most of our patients live on less than $2 a day, treatment for these infections can be nearly impossible. Glory Reborn has been able to provide discounted medicines for severe cases but we are asking for your continual support to extend our maternal care to include gynecological medicines. In order to provide a safe pregnancy and delivery for our mothers and babies it is of utmost importance that we recognize these infections and treat them. We also understand that it is critical that the partner or husband of the mother is also educated and treated. Thus, every Tuesday afternoon at Glory Reborn has now been dedicated to STD education and treatment. Our first few Tuesdays have been quite successful. As you can imagine there is a lot of cultural taboos that we are able to explain and correct with proper facts. Glory Reborn hopes that our education and treatment of our mothers and fathers will truly make a healthier community and continue to better the pregnancy and delivery outcome for our babies.

Your Prayers Are Working

In another effort to offer the very best quality care to Glory Reborns patients we are very happy to announce that we have an ultrasound machine on the way to Cebu! We were able to purchase a portable ultrasound unit through a charitable discount. Now we just need to get it to Cebu. We are now filing the proper papers to bring the ultrasound through customs without additional charges. Processing paper work in the third world is usually quite an easy process that takes much longer than one can imagine since computer systems are not the standard. Please join with us in prayer for favor and quick turnover. Having an ultrasound machine will be a huge answer for the patients of Glory Reborn since we are targeting those in the lowest socioeconomic class. We feel so incredibly blessed and so very excited that we will now be able to offer top quality care to the poor of Cebu. Though many of our patients have had children before they come to Glory Reborn for their next delivery, most of them have not ever had proper prenatal care or listened to the heart-beat of their fetus, I cannot imagine how excited and privileged they will feel to actually be able to see their baby in their womb. I can not thank each of you enough for helping us pray in this ultrasound machine.

Glory Reborn Goes Digital 2.0

As many of you know, Glory Reborn has a website: www.gloryreborn.com. But, did you know that recently it received a face-lift? If not, please drop by and see all the new things on the site. Some of the new features will involve more photos and site updates to allow you to keep in touch with us, and to really connect with our ministry by being able to see & feel what we are doing here. We also are accepting donations on the website or through PayPal, both using the highest standards in digital security. Many of you have asked about the Adopt a Mom program, and I am excited to say that it is in the process of making a comeback appearance in the Glory Reborn Online Shop! The best part is that you can also sign up for this newsletter to be delivered straight to your email address. With all these new features, you should put this piece of paper down right now, and log on to our site. (Well maybe finish reading the other column, but then be sure to visit!) Let us know what you think, or what else you would like to see on the site. We would love to hear from you!

I Believe In You

During our all night prayer meeting this month the theme that kept ringing through the night in song and word was I believe in you. Glory Reborn and its staff are receiving this affirmation from the Lord; He believes in what we are doing. We felt the result of our prayers when our ultrasound machine was brought in just a few days later and with the idea to test patients for infections that has decreased our transport rates. Not only does Jesus believe in us and has shown us this throughout the month but our response can be nothing but rhetorical. Jesus we believe in you! As Glory Reborn approaches its third year anniversary next month we could never feel more assured that Jesus believes in Glory Reborn. We hope that each of you feel the same significance as you are all very much a part of Glory Reborn Org. Thank you for believing in us and continuing to bless each of our mothers and babies. We are so excited to continue to offer quality maternal care through the love and blessing of Jesus.

Another Opportunity In November, Glory Reborn will be sending some of our staff to a Living Waters conference. This is a conference led by international leaders and it will discuss the depth of Jesus healing in our emotional lives. We are working on sponsoring our staff members to go. If you would be interested in sponsoring one of our staff members, please earmark your check for Living Waters. Thank you for your help!