Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Oct 04 2008

August 2008 e-News

Quality Care Quality care is what we are all about at Glory Reborn. We believe that if you are able to provide a woman with consistent, quality care throughout her pregnancy you have already made a powerful impact on her actual delivery. In order to continue offering the women of Cebu quality care at a low cost, we began praying for an ultrasound machine. Many of our mothers are referred to an outside laboratory for an ultrasound due to inaccurate dating of the pregnancy or suspected low fluid inside the womb or poor fetal growth. Because the women we are serving in the clinic are in the 46% of persons living on less than $2 a day it was nearly impossible to require them to have an ultrasound scan. So, we learned to go without the scan or in severe cases Glory Reborn would pay for the scan. We began praying for an ultrasound machine nearly two years ago. A year and a half ago God blessed us with the machine. It wasnt until June 2008 that the ultrasound machine was finally released to us from the customs department of the Philippines. During that year and half of waiting there were days where the frustration level was at it peak and it took everything in us to be courteous and learn to develop an overflow of patience. As frustrating and trying as that year and a half was dealing with customs and the health department God always has a master plan. It wasnt until this last month that I could so clearly see how Jesus truly works ALL things for His purpose and glory. Let me further explain. It so happened, through a midwifery student of mine, that we came in contact with an organization called Hope Imaging. Hope Imagining is a non-profit, Christian, organization that provides ultrasound training for health care providers both in the USA and internationally. You can probably see where this story is heading. If I had the ultrasound machine a year and a half ago, when we hadnt yet enrolled our student, we would not have been able to make this connection with Hope Imaging. So after applying for the training program, four amazingly gracious sonographers came to our little clinic in Cebu and began to train 8 of us in basic obstetrical sonography. The training was educational and practical and allowed us to scan over 50 pregnant mommies. We enjoyed not just the training but also fellowship with the four sonographers who have a similar vision to empower health care workers to serve the pregnant community in their area. We were honored and blessed beyond measure. Isnt God good? When we prayed for the ultrasound we assumed we would have to hire someone to help us at the clinic. We never thought to pray for a group of women to come train us on our new machine. Thank you Jesus! The ultrasound machine has already proved its worth just in these past three weeks. We have discovered so many useful bits of information that are helping us customize our pregnancy care to each individual mommy in the clinic. And as an added bonus we also discovered that two of our staff members are expecting little ones of their own! We are so happy for our staff members and feel so honored to have been able to connect with such an organization as Hope Imaging.

Opportunities Through another amazing series of events David, myself and our dear friend JoRae, had the opportunity to meet the president of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. We were then entertained over lunch by the local Cebu City counselors and Vice Mayor. We are thankful for the position that God has led us into with the city officials and we are cautiously moving forward to continue to serve the pregnant women of Cebu.

Financial Update

Year to Date, Glory Reborn has raised 49% of our annual budget! We really need your help to meet our budget this year! Glory Reborn is a registered 501c-3 non profit organization.