Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Thu Apr 12 2007

Baby Number 999

Well last night, at around 10:43, baby 999 was born at Glory Reborn Organization. We are eagerly expecting number 1,000 today. Hilary is predicting that number 1,000 will be a boy. Any guesses out there?

The other day I was looking through the patient charts and all our records, to make sure this is our legitimate 1,000th birth, (It is.) and I found some interesting facts: Just three years ago, in April of 2004, we had our 100th birth. Our busiest month or operation this far was October 2005, with more than 50 births! 2005 was our busiest year thus far, I think October had to do something with that, but 2006 was not far behind. If 2007 continues on this path, it will quickly surpass 2005!