Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Nov 27 2010

Budget Update – September 2010

budget 092010 After reading these two stories, I am so thankful for the opportunity that God has given Hilary and I. The opportunity to bring everything that we have (as small as it is), and be available for His greater purpose. This month, I'd like to challenge you to consider what you can bring to help the mothers of Cebu. To continue to promote quality health care and create even more Hopeful Hearts, just like Delina, Gerlie, and baby Hope, we hope that you will consider supporting us financially. As of October 2010, we still need to raise around $48,000 to meet our 2010 budget. As we look towards the end of the year, and the Thanksgiving Holiday, give thanks to God for all that He has provided, and through His provision we are empowered to change this world! To change this world one Hope filled baby at a time. You can help us safely provide quality care for moms and babies and deliver Hope to the Nations!