Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Fri Feb 25 2011

Cambodia – Sneak Peak


(This is just a little sneak peak, check back soon for more detailing information on our Trip.)

We have some exciting news to share with you: Glory Reborn is going to Cambodia on a short term mission trip. After a lot of prayer and wanting to ensure we don’t lose our sense of Missions and its integral part of our Vision here in Cebu, we were presented with a wonderful opportunity to partner with a group of missionaries who have been doing some amazing work in Cambodia for over 16 years.

Most of our midwives and nurses will be going with us on this mission trip. For many of them it is their 1st time on a plane, 1st time out of the country, and a 1st mission trip! We are all very excited to be going on a Mission trip as an team and to renew our commitment to Missions as well as see what God has in store for Cambodia!

A group of volunteers is coming to Cebu to watch the clinic and take care of our patients during this one week trip.

We are very excited for this opportunity and the long-term potential that Glory Reborn can partner throughout the world!

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