Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Jun 12 2011

Emily’s Story

July 15, 2011 – Please be sure to check out the Update to Emily’s Story

I’d like to share with you briefly about a pregnant mommy that Glory Reborn is helping. Emily was referred to Glory Reborn from her friend in the dumpsite. Last year her neighbor gave birth at Glory Reborn Clinic and she recommended that Emily do the same. Emily lived in the Cebu City dumpsite with her two other children. In the past month the dumpsite has become inactive. The city is no longer using this dumpsite as a dumping ground for the city’s trash. Without the trash Emily and her family have no way of eating, making a living, or surviving. Because of this situation Emily and her family moved to another area of town just behind a local shopping mall. Her home consists of simple bamboo wood and a roof made of plastic tarp. Because of the overcrowding in the area dogs and cats run wild through the homes searching for any left over food. One of these dogs aggressively bit Emily and she was taken to the hospital where she called Glory Reborn for help. Our social worker was able to visit Emily and start the series of anit-rabies injections that would be needed. Because the anti-rabies injections are imported into the Philippines each injection is the equivalent of $80 and she would need six injections! At seven months pregnant, it was important to protect Emily and the baby from any risk of rabies and so Emily is going regularly for her anit-rabies injections.  Simultaneously, as we monitored her pregnancy through ultrasound we discovered that Emily’s baby was not growing well. We also discovered a complication with her placenta that will require she has a cesarean section delivery.

A view from inside Emily's House

As our social worker and myself began to talk to Emily about her baby we discovered that the problem was simply a lack a food. Emily only had 20 Philippine Pesos a day (10 cents) to feed her two children, her husband, and herself. When they were living in the dumpsite the family didn’t have to worry about food because everyday the garbage truck would deliver plenty of thrown out food to find however now with no garbage being brought to the dumpsite her husband must work as a bicycle driver. He will drive school children on a bicycle to and from their homes and school for minimal pay. This certainly was not enough to sustain the family daily. In an effort to see the fetus grow before Emily reaches her ninth month of pregnancy Emily is enrolled in the Glory Reborn Social Work Program which provides her with eggs, milk and rice daily. We are believing that the baby will begin to grow with additional food available to the family. We will also be covering the cost of her cesarean section. We are asking for your continued prayers for Emily and her precious baby in the final weeks of her pregnancy. It is for patients like Emily that Glory Reborn exists. Where else would a woman in need of anti-rabies injections and a c-section find help? Our hearts desire is truly to meet the needs of the hurting, the broken, the forgotten and show them a love that brings practical and eternal hope. Thank you for joining with us as we reach women and infants like Emily. I believe that in each life there is great value and purpose and we thank you for investing in life together with Glory Reborn. If you would like to make a contribution towards her anti-rabies injections or her cesarean section we would be extremely grateful. We hope to raise $500 which would allow Emily to deliver by cesarean section in a private hospital where she will get better care as well as cover the cost of the six anti-rabies injections. Thank you for your prayers and support. We will be posting updates in the weeks to follow.

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