Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon May 02 2016

#EveryMom – A Mothers’ day campaign

As a clinic dedicated to pregnant woman, every day is a Mother’s day for us at Glory Reborn – the date in May just gives us all the more reason to celebrate!

For this year’s celebration, we are launching a month-long campaign that is about encouraging everyone to share what they think Every Mom in the world deserves. We will be using the hashtag #EveryMom on our social media accounts to express this, and we need your help to let every mom feel a little bit of what they deserve!

Working in the service of mothers, we have seen the powerful impact mothers have within their families and their communities. All our efforts for the past 12 years as an organization have been dedicated to giving what we think mothers rightfully deserve, regardless of their economic status; especially in terms of healthcare and total well-being.

Share your dreams for moms with us with the hashtag #EveryMom on your Facebook, Instagram or twitter! Simply using the hashtag #EveryMom not only means do you get to touch the hearts of moms but you also get to help us resonate our dreams for every mom, to let us know what else can be done, and you inspire us to do more!

We’d also like to mention that this effort is inspired by our friends from LoveInTransit who have been sharing with us their talents by creating this wonderful video for us:

We all know how moms can be unselfish especially when creating dreams for their children, let it be our turn to voice out our dreams for them too! #EveryMom deserves to feel extra loved and appreciated not just this mothers’ day but for all the days of their lives.