Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Jan 03 2012

Expansion of Hearts

When Hilary and I moved to Cebu 8 years ago with our vision to start Glory Reborn, we rented a small apartment and began by simply providing prenatal checkups and health teachings on Friday mornings in our kitchen/living room. Our very first delivery was in this apartment’s spare bedroom and we quickly realized that Glory Reborn needed to grow. Our landlord had just completed an apartment building beside ours, so we agreed to rent out one unit for our clinic. We continued to grow and took a second apartment in the complex for our prenatal area, ultrasound room, supply room and our office. From a small apartment to saving 4,244 Lives.In July we took over the third apartment in the complex and began spend some major renovations to all three apartments. We wrapped up the renovations in October, and the results were wonderful: we doubled the size of our labor and deliver room, postpartum room, and our newborn area. We were also able to expand our prenatal areas to better accommodate our growing patient base. New paint, curtains and decor have really transformed Glory Reborn into a whole new clinic! We had some amazing help from a volunteer interior decorator and we finished just in time to have 5 boys delivered on the same day – something our previous setup could not have facilitated. Not to be outdone, the month of November brought us 6 babies born in 24 hours, a new record and thanks to the expansion, everyone was able to fit. Hilary and the staff handled it marvelously, and I am glad to say that I, David, didn’t need to be called into assist. For those of you keeping track at home, I am still not a midwife, and believe me, that is something to be thankful for. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do! This renovation has really revitalized the clinic, and brought us all back to our origin – a vision to help save lives & bring hope. In eight years we have delivered over 2,122 Healthy Babies in the clinic, seen over 2,122 Healthy Moms and helped created 4,244 Hopeful Hearts and counting! It is difficult for us to fathom that this vision, with its humble beginning in an apartment has saved over 4,244 Lives. We give all the credit to whom it is due: thanks to each of you who have donated to our cause, thanks to our amazing team at Glory Reborn who so faithfully serve with us, and we give all the thanks to God – the author and giver of Life.

As 2011 has just ended, we are not only reflecting on our origin but also looking forward to further expansion!