Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Mar 24 2012

Feedback from Our Families

We also want to share with you some encouraging feedback from our patients. After every delivery we ask our new moms and dads to fill up a comment card about their experience  at Glory Reborn. As we were reviewing the comment cards this month we thought it would be nice for each of you to hear the feedback as well. Again, we are so thankful for the support that has been given to allow us to bless the moms, dads and babies of Cebu in this way. Here are a few of the comments mentioned. A Proud Papa When asked how they felt about the Glory Reborn Staff one patient writes (translated from Cebuano), “The staff were so very good in supporting me when I was in labor. They helped me through it (labor) and never left me alone.” There is a common practice to leave women alone to labor in the hospital. Many will only receive attention (we use the term attention very loosely – it does not include care, or compassion) upon check-in and when the baby is about to be born. For a lot of our patients this is the best part of being at Glory Reborn. When the patients enroll in our prenatal program they are assigned to a group of three midwives/nurses. These same three will follow them from first trimester until delivery of their precious newborn. It is an opportunity to gain trust with the moms and impact their lives while ensuring they are getting the individualized quality care that they deserve. One patient commented, “all my midwives were very friendly and cared for me”. Another writes (in English), “All personnel and staff were very kind and intelligent and knowledgable in all matters”. Our staff regularly attend seminars to update their skills and we are thankful for volunteers that can come and add knowledge by imparting new techniques and information to our staff. We certainly believe that by investing in our staff that they will fully invest themselves in caring for their patients. During the prenatal check ups patients are placed into small groups and receive health teachings on a variety of topics: nutrition, labor and delivery, danger signs in pregnancy and newborn care. The moms also attend a Bible study during their prenatal check ups.  When asked about their prenatal care one mom responded (translated from Cebuano), “I first learned about spiritual things here, that God wants to help me and be my strength. Second, I learned about my emotions and third, how to physically take care of myself for the good health of my baby.” Another mom writes, “The teachings and praise and Bible words showed me about God’s love and grace. I really gained more knowledge not only for my baby but for God.” One mom was able to list all the teachings she attended from newborn bath to comfort measures in pregnancy! One mommy wrote about breastfeeding, “I learned about how a mom should sacrifice her time and be patient with her baby”. We believe that we must empower our moms with knowledge to make them successful in their pregnancy and as mothers caring for their newborns. A key part of what we do on a daily basis is educate, educate, and educate! We are currently conducting a research study to determine which methods of educating mothers is most effective specifically when it comes to instructions for their medication (how to take medicines, the time schedule etc). We are eager to see the results so we can better equip the moms we serve. Health Staff The most touching answers came when asking the patients about their labor and delivery. Many personally thanked their respective midwives/nurses by name. Many commented, “Glory Reborn is the best because because it is so clean and so inexpensive and all the staff are beautiful”. One mom thanked the staff, “Although I was not admitted for labor but because of fever the staff gave me a chance to stay and took care of me and listened to my baby’s heartbeat. I was so thankful for this chance.” Another writes, “My labor was very long, 15 hours, and I’m thankful that the nurse and midwife never gave up on me and helped my body to delivery my baby. I am so thankful for everyone, none can compare to Glory Reborn”. In closing it was refreshing to read the additional comments from the patients that they: “hope Glory Reborn will continue to serve all the women in Cebu”; “I hope Glory Reborn will continue to be here when I have my next baby”; “My experience was very good and I know that this is a part of God for Filipinos”. Supporters, we are very thankful for your ongoing prayerful and financial support that touches the hearts of many Filipino women and babies. Thank you for equipping and empowering us to provide clean, quality care with hearts of compassion. We know that we are all part of one body in Christ each with it’s own role and we thank you for your role in brining Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies and Hopeful Hearts to Cebu!