Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Fri Jan 14 2011


As we begin 2011, we have one item that keeps coming to mind: Focus. In 2010, one of the great new programs that Glory Reborn added to our offering was the social work program. It has been a huge success and allowed us to really invest in that portion of our care. Not to say that the other areas have not been improved throughout the year, but the social work program was certainly a focus of 2010. As we continue our work here, and grow the capacity and scope of our operation, we are focusing on one very specific item in 2011: Mission.

This July, we will mark the 8th year that Glory Reborn has been in operation, and our care has grown significantly both in scope of care as well as number of moms and babies. The numbers speak for themselves, but it has never mattered to us how many moms & babies we can help. Instead our focus has always been to ensure each mom and baby are healthy, we never want to lose focus of our mission and before we fully embark on our building campaign and other expansion programs we have planned for 2011, we are committing to focus on our mission:

Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies & Hopeful Hearts.

We are focusing on the simplicity of our mission, to in essence, get back to the basics, to really contemplate why we are here, how we can grow without losing sight of the importance of each mom and each baby and really ensure that we don’t lose sight of it during the busy-ness. We began to focus on our mission at our annual staff retreat in August 2010, where we laid the framework for what 2011 would look like. Hilary and I are very excited about what this means for Glory Reborn. We have come so far in all aspects of our care and operation, and will continue to aim for excellence. That aim is a direct result of recognizing that each mom needs our best care, that every mom matters, that every decision matters. A focus on recognizing and helping moms like Rachel, to ensure that they have a safe and healthy baby, and a little bit of Hope. I hope we can all consider and personally focus on what is most important in 2011. Will you consider partnering with us as we Focus on 2011?

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