Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Oct 24 2009

Glory Reborn August 2009 e-News

Year Six Comes to a Close. Over 1,750 healthy babies.

This has been a devastating month for the Philippines and a very busy month for Glory Reborn. As we celebrated our 6th year clinic anniversary with 1750 deliveries it couldnt have been more perfect that my patient Alona delivered her baby boy as we celebrated. Alona was the first patient I ever helped to deliver back in 2000. Her oldest daughter is 9 years old! I cant believe how time flies. I also had the joy of delivering her second daughter in 2004 and now as we celebrated six years of existence as Glory Reborn I had the privilege of delivering her baby boy! pic The timing couldnt have been more wonderful as I reminisced over all the infants we have delivered and all the mothers we have gotten to know, Alona certainly stands out in my mind. The closing of this sixth year also brought about the hiring of two new social workers. We are very excited about continuing to reach the women who are desperate for medical attention in Cebu City. So it was with great excitement, and two additional staff members, that we welcomed year number seven for Glory Reborn and praised Jesus for His faithfulness over the past six wonderful years. We want to thank each of you for being a part of saving many, many precious lives and we look forward to all that year seven will bring….perhaps a new building?!?


As many of you probably know September was a devastating month for the northern islands of the Philippines with two typhoons flooding most of the capitol city and its surrounding areas. Glory Reborn was eager to help the victims of this devastation and together with our local church collected over 400 boxes of clothing and supplies. We were proud to be the first crate of supplies to be sent out of Cebu to reach our neighbors in Manila. As we saw the Asia-Pacific region be devastated by the the flooding in Manila, the earthquake in Indonesia and the tsunami in the Samoan Islands we are thankful for the safety that we have here in Cebu and the protection of a God who truly sees each and every one of us.

Holiday Cards

For unto us a child was born….1,700 times…don’t forget to order your christmas cards from us online!

Just in time for the Holiday Season, you can now spread the cheer of New Life with your friends and loved ones as we introduce the Glory Reborn Holiday Cards. Available in box sets of 6 and 12 in the below designs, you cant pass up these adorable little ones. Order now at http://shop.gloryreborn.com

Some of the Adorable Designs:

cards Building & Property

As many of you know, we have been looking for land to expand the clinic facility. This past month we have had some exciting appointments and have actually seen an amazing piece of land, that has some amazing potential. It is very near to the current clinic and in the area where we have been looking. We are still in the initial stages of this project, and will be meeting the owners to discuss the potential further. We did want to let you know about this, because its never too early to give towards the building and property fund.The proceeds from the Holiday Card fundraiser will also go directly to the Building fund. We also have a wonderful opportunity in November to have a fundraising event here in Cebu City. We are very excited about the event and are looking forward to partnering with additional local professionals, corporations, and organizations to further our project.

Financial Update sept fin Year to Date, Glory Reborn has raised 76% of our annual budget! We really need your help to meet our budget this year! Glory Reborn is a registered 501c-3 non prot organization.