Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon Jul 24 2017

Glory Reborn Defined


For some who may be new to our blog we want to welcome you to the incredible family of Glory Reborn where lives are being saved and invested in daily. We believe it is always a good idea to remind ourselves what we are doing and why we exist as we continue to work from this foundation. We hope this assists you in understanding the heart and purpose behind Glory Reborn.

Who is Glory Reborn? Glory Reborn provides compassionate and holistic care to marginalized moms and babies of Cebu, Philippines.

Glory Reborn in Cebu offers high quality holistic care in saving lives, one mom and baby at a time.

Glory Reborn, a non-profit organization, was founded in August 2003 and has since delivered more than 4,000 healthy babies and invested in thousands of lives. Glory Reborn offers its quality pregnancy and newborn services purely through donations.


Glory Reborn’s Core Values We value the uniqueness of human life.

We value excellence in the quality of care and services we provide through knowledge, skills, attitude, and love to embrace, empower and address the needs of our community.

We value reaching out to the broken, lost, needy, and sick by showing the love, compassion and the hope of Jesus through practical service.

We value unity in all workplaces by showing honor and respect to one another.

We value the importance of empowering mothers to raise their children in the way that is right.

We value providing a safe and nurturing environment for every family.