Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Sep 18 2016

Glory Reborn Turns 13!

It was a vision of individualized, quality health care for pregnant moms – a vision of investing in a generation, watching them grow, cradling them in the safety net of wisdom, skill, and love that birthed Glory Reborn. I remember that first delivery so clearly.

David and I had been married almost two months and my loving husband went out to buy bread for breakfast at the local bake shop. He came back smiling ear to ear with a pregnant mother next to him. He was so proud to bring me a pregnant mother to check up. Little did he know in a few hours in our spare bedroom we welcomed the first little life of Glory Reborn, a boy, who celebrated his 13th birthday August 1st.

These 13 years has gone by faster than I think even we could keep up with! From a humble beginning with one midwife to our current team of 45. From one baby to nearly 4,000 and hundreds of thousands of prenatal check ups later here we are standing surrounded by 13 years of God’s provision. 13 years of God’s grace. 13 years of life and life more abundantly. 13 years of faithfulness.

As I look back at 13 years and ask myself how did we get here? Has it been easy? Honestly, no! Have there been tearful nights, heart wrenching moments, days when it all feels to big of a burden to bear? Certainly there have been those days. Then there were the moments of looking into two sets of eyes knowing that they shouldn’t be alive but here they are, healthy, cared for, invested in.

The constant sound of crying babies from this small, quaint clinic ever singing the praises of our miracle working God, yes He is worthy of it all. Of all my life, of all the tears, of all the joys, of all the precious lives He is worthy of it all and He has done great things! The faithfulness that is Jesus showing up every minute of every day protecting, fighting for life with us, breathing breath after breath has made His strength abound in every moment of my weakness and every tear continues to be sown into lasting joy.

I think of that beautiful verse, “those who sow in tears reap in joy” and I can say that I know it more completely now. I stand in awe of how that simple vision of complete, quality, holistic care for marginalized women of Cebu has come into fruition.

I am ever thankful for each and every day of the past 13 years that has been an opportunity to invest in life and serve alongside some of the most amazing Filipinos. I feel so honored and so blessed to have witnessed first hand the miracles of our God and the birthing of a generation that will bless this beautiful nation of the Philippines in an even greater way. It’s been an incredible 13 years and I’m eager to see what the next 13 will bring!

See the some of the fun we had for our birthday celebration:

IMG 1056

Registration team!

IMG 7471

IMG 7618

Our beautiful Disney princesses and characters.

IMG 0003

Snack Break

IMG 1061

Face painting can be such a challenge sometimes.

IMG 1063

Hand prints from every child in attendance!


More photos on our facebook page: Facebook.com/gloryreborn


We also kick-started the celebration with a count to the big 13 on our social media pages, highlighting most of the scope of the services we have been offer. For 13 years, we have become more than just the common maternity clinic as we have extended from pregnancy packages to moms to extending services to the community through our outreach programs, ministry services, social work, mission trips and varied health teachings.

All this to say, Glory Reborn has grown not only in its number of years but also in its value of services as an organization and as an extended hand of Jesus to the community of Cebu. We certainly could not have made it these past 13 years without each of you. Your prayers have strengthened us, encouraged us, carried us through. Your support has invested in local professionals giving them knowledge, fulfillment in their occupations and a family. Your support has also helped us birth a generation of precious lives and invested in the family that will be their support and guidance as they grow.

Without each of you Glory Reborn wouldn’t be capable of doing what we do, providing quality, holistic maternal and newborn care to the marginalized women and children in Cebu. Thank you to all the moms and babies who have joined us in our celebration and most of all, a wholehearted thank you for trusting us, investing in us, and together we all celebrate what God has done! Happy 13th Birthday Glory Reborn!

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