Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Aug 01 2020

Happy 17th Birthday Glory Reborn!


Thank You for being such a faithful part of Glory Reborn for 17 years!

Our 17th year Organization celebration has not been what we originally envisioned but we have so much to celebrate! We have an incredible team who is healthy and providing continued care for mothers and babies faithfully for 17 years and now more than ever we see them shine in the fullness of compassion and quality care. As a founder nothing makes my heart happier than seeing the vision passed on to our team and partners. I have seen our team grow by leaps and bounds throughout these years and it's a true honor and joy to be serving alongside these frontline ministers all made possible with your partnership.


Together we have brought Health & Hope to the most marginalized mothers and babies in Cebu and saved thousands of lives.

Happy 17th Birthday to Glory Reborn and we are excited to continue expanding our capacity of Health and Hope in the year ahead.

Building A Community

At the very heart of Glory Reborn is the vision to Build Community. August is International Breastfeeding Month and as a ministry to mothers, we look forward to building community and supporting breastfeeding. We were honored to once again assist in hosting The Big Latch On 2020 Cebu! In previous years the Big Latch On gathers hundreds of mothers together in the same place to breastfeed together for one minute as part of the Global Big Latch On. This year I was honored to be the emcee and co-host for Big Latch On via Zoom! Our first breastfeeding Zoom event ever! I love that a community can continue to be built digitally. We were so happy to have 542 breastfeeding mommies participate in the event and continue to build community with our partners and mommies in Cebu. This is the very heart of Glory Reborn, to build community sharing Health & Hope to mothers and babies practically, spiritually and now digitally! By the way, if you haven’t already started following Glory Reborn on Facebook or Instagram I’m happy to invite you to be part of our digital community where we are nearly 10,000 people strong sharing health, hope and encouragement from around the globe.


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Health & Hope Acoustic Virtual Charity Concert

Sitting before me was a very pregnant mother wearing a simple cloth mask and a face shield which was given to her by our triage team and tattered clothes. Nothing about her appearance was much different from many of the marginalized mothers we see on a daily basis at Glory Reborn but her eyes, her eyes told the story of hopelessness, desperation, fear, and determination. Determined to seek a place that would give her baby a safe place to be born. The determination of a mother to access care not even for herself but for her unborn child. In a moment the all too familiar story began to unfold. Lisa* was hungry. The low wage job she and her husband had prior to the covid crisis was no more. Scavenging for food is scarce as fast food chains dumpsters are not full of diners throw outs and military patrolling the city prohibits scavengers from roaming about. Lisa had no access to care and no funding even if she did find a healthcare facility. She had no vitamins, no laboratory work up, no ultrasound in pregnancy but she was here, she came to our doorstep. Lisa believed there might be hope for herself and her baby to find a safe place to give birth, a safe place to be born.

In an attempt to make her mommy heart more at ease we started her journey of health and hope at Glory Reborn with an ultrasound view of her healthy, growing baby. A simple smile. A little more hope filled her heart. Lisa was given vitamins and a full prenatal and medical check up including all her necessary laboratories. A little more hope grew. Lisa was enrolled into our social work program and given food while we listened to her story. And her hope grew. She was assured that she had a safe place to give birth in the months ahead with a healthcare team who compassionately welcomed her.

Health and Hope were tangible to Lisa. Lisa was cared for, accepted, prayed over, and listened to holistically. The scared and hopeless Lisa who walked into our doors earlier that afternoon was leaving in good health and with a heart full of hope. Lisa is just one of the thousands of mothers and babies that Glory Reborn ministers to and we haven’t stopped even amidst this pandemic. You can be an advocate for health and hope with Glory Reborn from right where you are today.

It is truly an honor to invite you to join Glory Reborn + Tommy & Eileen Walker on Friday, September 18, 2020 at 6:30pm (PST/GMT-7) as we worship together and believe for Health & Hope to be born in the hearts of mothers just like Lisa. Grab a cup of coffee and from the comfort of your own home would you join us in this global, acoustic charity concert for Health & Hope to those who need it most?

Tickets can be purchased through http://healthandhope.funraise.org/. All donations go towards ensuring Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies and Hopeful Hearts with Glory Reborn.

I am excited to have you join and represent one of the many nations coming together to believe for God’s glory to be re-born in the lives of mothers & babies. From the Philippines to the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Nigeria, the United States, Mexico and more, we are a community of believers for health and the hope of Jesus to be birthed in this next generation. Mark your calendars, September 18, 2020 at 6:30pm PST/GMT-7.

*Real name has been replaced to protect her identity