Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Apr 01 2018

Happy Easter! (Includes a video)

Easter-Newsletter-Title-Header1 Easter is a season to celebrate the life, victory and relationship that Jesus has given us!

As Glory Reborn, we hope to carry this vision to our community of mothers, babies and staff. Living in the fullness that Jesus so freely gave for us and building relationships with those around us.

This Easter we celebrate hearts living in forgiveness, hearts living in victory, hearts full of life!

Thank you Jesus for bringing life, victory and relationship to each of our hearts. May we continue to extend it to those around and see your glory born in the community around us.


Here is a video of our ministry head Luke Walker sharing about the heart, vision and mission of Glory Reborn. He has been serving with us in Cebu for two years now, and in this video he gives us a look into the ministry side of the clinic.

Don’t miss the team singing “When Glory’s Born“, a beautiful worship song composed by Luke. You can download the official track below.


In 2013, we celebrated ten years of Glory Reborn with a huge celebration of life! It was surreal to look out on a crowd of 2,000 lives that were not just healthy but growing and running around celebrating the amazing things God has done.

As we gathered the crowd to sing together “When Glory’s Born”, several came forward to give their hearts to the Lord. Not only did we celebrate the miracle of being born, we celebrated the miracle that we can be born again into a kingdom with no end.

This song remains our prayer, Lord, we wanna see new life be born! Lord, we wanna see freedom in the streets! Jesus, we wanna hear and sing new songs, new rhythms, from every nation and tribe. Jesus, we want to see You! Your kingdom here on earth.

Today, 4,200 lives invested in later, this is what Easter means to us! Jesus has won! He is victorious over all sin and death Through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross now we can dance and sing and celebrate in the fullness of life and relationship with Him as we see new lives and new hearts be born and re-born.

Hallelujah! He is Risen indeed!

Our prayer for you is that you are refreshed and your strength renewed as we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus.

Happy Resurrection Day!

Blessings, Hilary

You can download “When Glory’s Born” and other songs here: Download Songs and Song Stories

Meet-our-easter-babies IMG 3626 IMG 3636

Meet little Megan and Aisha! What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter – welcoming precious new lives into the world!