Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Fri May 01 2020

Health & Hope from the Frontlines of Lockdown


Hello faithful friends from the record holding, world’s longest lockdown city, Cebu!

While there has been a lot of devastation, anxiety and sadness around the world and particularly here in Cebu, Philippines as the current epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis we have also experienced the “peace beyond understanding” in a real way. Here is a quick update of the very busy month we have had and how much your support has had a huge impact on ensuring health and hope throughout this crisis.

Our clinic neighborhood is currently highlighted as one of the top 5 areas with the highest covid-19 cases. The national government has sent in military troops to patrol our area in large trucks, tanks and loud megaphones. Everyone must stay inside - that is, unless you are in labor! In the midst of this war on coronavirus there is a glorious sound breaking through, a cry of new life! Great hope echoes through. What a historical time to be born! The prayer and promises that the Lord has given us for this generation and for our frontline healthcare team as they faithfully serve comes from the Psalms:

Ps 121 7-8 “The Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and forevermore.”

Ps 139:5 “You hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me”

Would you join with us in praying for our frontliners who continue to serve 24 hours a day, some have been exposed to coronavirus cases and yet our team adapts to continue providing health and hope. May the Lord continue to have his hand on each of us, protecting us in our coming and going, day and night.



As we remain a city in the longest lockdown we recognize the devastating impact this has had on our marginalized families. We have heard the cries of desperate mothers who are now unemployed, whose husbands are now unemployed and whose lives have been severely impacted by the coronavirus lockdown. In the Philippines they have adopted the policy “No Work-No Pay”. With the necessary mandated quarantine and military guarding our city, work is not possible, leaving families with huge financial strain.

Glory Reborn now more than ever is standing in the gap for the growing number of marginalized families. We believe every mother should have a SAFE and COMPASSIONATE environment to bring their miracles of life into the world, despite a pandemic. We need your help more than ever to continue providing high quality, safe, and caring services at an affordable, charitable cost to our city’s vulnerable population.



Sponsor COVID testing for a pregnant mother

1 test for 1 mother is $26

• We need to test 120 mothers who are expected to deliver in the next few months = $3,120

I want to THANK YOU for being a big part of ensuring the utmost safety of our mommies, new babies and staff. Here’s a look at what we have accomplished together:

• Full PPE’s for our entire team of over 30 employees

• From cloth masks to N95 masks to respirators, we are protecting our team together

• Air filters in every room where mothers and new babies are given care

• UV light sterilizers between healthcare checkups, deliveries and recovery areas

• Desk protectors for our frontline team as they monitor mothers and babies

• Bed protectors

• Curtain protectors between beds

• Lots and lots of cleaning agents and an amazing frontline cleaning team!


“I am so thankful and grateful to Glory Reborn from prenatal care to birth the staff offer so much care and are dedicated to their work 100%. Despite the covid pandemic they still reach out through calling just to monitor me and my baby….I highly recommend Glory Reborn you are safe in their hands because God is with them.” — Patient Testimonial


Ready and waiting to receive the ambulance for a mom in labor


The new normal


Access to complete, quality, compassionate care remains available at Glory Reborn


Breastmilk for our babies. Liquid, life-saving, “gold” protection


Hand Washing upon entering is a must


Immunization continues for our healthy newborns


Quality care monitoring of a baby safely in the womb


There is much hope ahead!


The promise we hold onto is written on our delivery wall

As we continue to open our doors to more mothers and newborns we are ensuring enhanced safety measures by creating a safe environment and protection for our valuable team. Your partnership allows us to continue to see Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies, Hopeful Hearts and Protected Staff during this pandemic. THANK YOU!