Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Jul 10 2007

Hilary and Eve come for a visit!

Well in case you are wondering, Hilary and Eve work at the clinic regularly, but earlier this year we had twins born at the clinic, and the mom named them after Hilary and Eve. Hilda came to the clinic in labor, and had been closely monitored her entire pregnancy since she was having twins. One of our supervisors, Eve (Evelyn Yu) was there to help as was Hilary. After delivering one of the twins normally, the other twin was having difficulties. We made a decision to immediately transport her to our OB, who delivered the second twin without problems. In doing so, Hilary & Eve saved the second twin and Hilda! She was so grateful that she decided to name her two girls after them. I happened to be at the clinic yesterday, and Hilda came by with the two beautiful girls!