Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Mar 16 2016

Joy in Counseling

‘Are you certain that what you’re doing right now is God being glorified? ’ this was what Joy encountered on a Sunday prayer service. And just two days after, she found herself in our clinic – aspiring to become our new Human Resource Manager and Staff Counselor! Joy’s journey to becoming a human resource manager and certified counselor began as a child. Growing up, Joy struggled as a daughter being emotionally and physically abused by an alcoholic father. The pain, fear and everyday challenges of living in this family environment continued into her teenage years where she began to seek the help of counselors around and committed to living life differently. These relationships with her counselors and mentors brought healing and a passion for relationship development and Christian counseling, both courses she eventually completed and became licensed in as an adult. Through her experiences of pain, sorrow, healing, forgiveness and renewal Joy believes that God has called her to help journey with others who may be in similar circumstances and has committed to using her degrees to empower women just like her to a life of healing, forgiveness and endless love from Jesus.

She had to quit counseling to work on better-paying jobs. But it never worked out for her, it has become difficult for her to quit on her passion – to heal and to share the message of Jesus. And she decided to quit immediately and leave it all to God. And she is more than sure it was God who brought her into our hands, and we think she is just as God-given to us too.

Over the years of serving mothers at Glory Reborn we have heard many, many tragic stories just like Joy’s and we have been in prayer for just the right person who could meet with some of these mothers beyond just their pregnancy check-ups but someone to invest in their healing process. It’s always been about Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies and Hopeful Hearts and we are thankful to have another member of our team investing in the hopeful hearts part of our vision. Many days in a week our staff find themselves being the shoulder for a mother to cry on or listening to mothers who have struggles of abuse, violence, trafficking, disease, sorrow, and the difficulties that come with poverty, broken relationships and addictions. We want to be sure that our own staff have a safe place to process some of these conversations and someone to pray over them and strengthen and encourage them as they continually pour themselves out to invest in the lives of our mommies and babies. Joy has certainly been an answered prayer for offering further counseling for patients and support to our staff in a deeper way in partnership with our ministry team.joy Joy has taught us more and more that there is healing, there is hope, there is forgiveness and most of all, there is a living God that hears our prayers.

Thank you for investing in our staff!

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