Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Aug 09 2008

June 2008 e-News

Five Years, 1,436 Babies Later

Where has the time gone?! Glory Reborn Clinic has now been serving the mothers of Cebu City for five years. We could think of no better way to celebrate our five years of existence than to have a reunion party for our mothers and babies. We were thrilled to see that our babies are growing up healthy and happy. From baby number 2 to baby number 1432 it was a party for all ages. It was even harder to believe that some of Glory Reborn’s babies started kindergarten this year. For David and I it was a day of awe and thanks for all that God has done. As I looked out at nearly 400 smiling moms and growing babies and toddlers my heart overflowed. It started with a simple vision to help one mother who had no where to delivery her baby. The one turned into 100 and the 100 turned into 1,000 until I found myself in a crowd of so many special mothers and babies, each with their own story to tell. Stories of miraculous births, stories of twin deliveries, stories of finding hope and peace, stories of finding a safe place to deliver their little miracle, stories of hope for this generation, stories of the faithfulness of Jesus evident in each big and little life. Stories that beat the odds of the country for maternal and infant deaths. And a story that is more than just a story….Life through a God that knows each of these little names and faces. The story of believing there is still hope for the mothers and babies of Cebu; for this generation.

Thanks to each of you that have believed together with us for the families of Cebu. Enjoy the pictures below and know that these are the faces of your dollars. Here is a Collage of the Event: