Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon Feb 20 2017

Life saving maternal care


As a young teenager Trisha’s single mother left Trisha under the care of her grandmother and disappeared from her life for good. Trisha’s grandmother worked as a local “faith healer” and could hardly make ends meet for the family. Unable to finish her education due to the financial situation of the family Trisha ended up pregnant as a teenager and living with her boyfriend. Since she was too marginalized to afford pregnancy and delivery care Trisha delivered her baby at home with her grandmother. Trisha began to work as a laundry woman and also offers manicures and pedicures to her neighbors to help bring income to her growing family. Her partner has not had a stable job and their relationship has suffered many struggles in the past years.

Presently, just under the age of 30 years old, Trisha is pregnant with her fifth child. Trisha and her children are still living with her grandmother and Trisha has been unable to have access to quality pregnancy care due to her financial situation. Thankfully her friend told her about Glory Reborn! Trisha was eager to enroll for proper prenatal care, see her baby on ultrasound for the first time in her pregnancies and hear her little one’s heartbeat. While Trisha is thankful that her baby is growing well she has decided to give her baby for adoption. Without her partner supporting her and her four children Trisha believes that another family may be able to provide a loving and hopeful future for her precious baby. Truly a selfless act of a mother. Glory Reborn will continue to give Trisha and her baby the highest quality care and support throughout this pregnancy and delivery and Trisha will have access to a variety of family spacing options after delivery. We are thankful for Trisha’s friend who referred her to us and eagerly awaiting the arrival of this precious new life.

You can help us invest in quality pregnancy care, education, and support for Trisha through our sponsor a mom program. The program ensures mother’s just like Trisha receive proper vitamins, pregnancy check ups, laboratory screening, ultrasound and additional nutrition where necessary. The program also ensures that mother’s deliver their babies in the safe and caring environment with licensed health professionals. Our care doesn’t end after delivery but continues to ensure mom and baby get the support and medical help they need after birth with assistance from everything from breastfeeding to pregnancy spacing. Glory Reborn is committed to journeying with mothers like Trisha through their physical, emotional, spiritual and practical needs of pregnancy and motherhood. Thank you for joining us on this journey with Trisha.

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*Names changed to protect the identity of our clients.