Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Apr 16 2017

March 2017 Updates

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Wish List We are in need of fetal dopplers. These are a handheld device that lets us hear the baby’s heartbeat in the womb. Our current dopplers are no longer picking up sound and have certainly gotten maximal use. We hope to purchase them locally in Cebu to cut shipping costs. In addition to our monthly needed budget of $40,000 we are hoping to raise an additional $1,000 to purchase these dopplers. Your additional contribution to the dopplers would be a great help to Glory Reborn and the mommies we serve.

Thank You! Last newsletter we asked you to help us with new scrubs for our staff and linens. We are happy to show you all the staff in new uniforms! 15 bedsheets are currently being sown by our faithful seamstress and will be featured next month. Thank you for investing in our linens last month!

Financial Update Our budget for 2017 will be met if we can bring in approximately $24,000/month. As of March 2017, we met our goal in January however in February – March we are behind by $17,364.63. Would you consider supporting our work on a monthly basis? Small, regular donations make a huge difference when God multiplies them!