Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon Sep 23 2019

Newborn Care With A 💜 | Cute Babies! (Video) | Important Updates


Is there anything cuter than a newborn? This little guy is just a few hours old and we’re enjoying all the love and cuddles and snuggles – and all of the great things that are ahead for him in this life.

I can’t imagine if this little life didn’t have a place to be born. I’m so thankful that YOU help make safe deliveries possible at Glory Reborn.

At Glory Reborn, we value not just the quality of care that we provide, but also the way in which life is entered into the world. For us, it is important that mom and dad witness together this life-changing moment where their baby is born into their arms.

In many hospitals in the Philippines, dads are not allowed to be part of the labor and delivery process. Mothers are isolated from family and often sharing a bed with other laboring women. But at Glory Reborn, we know that this miracle moment is something that is etched in their hearts and minds forever.

We ensure that the labor and birthing environment is full of prayer, full of love, and full of joy for each and every life that makes its entry, for each and every birthday that can be celebrated.

This month of September, we’re celebrating Newborn Screening Awareness Month.


At Glory Reborn we provide all of our babies with Newborn Screening. Newborn Screening makes sure that babies are tested for metabolic diseases, that they can be treated early and receive early care to prevent any complications that may happen.

Glory Reborn also provides the following newborn care services:


Glory Reborn also provides hearing screening for our little ones to make sure that they are off to a great start in life, and that their hearing is intact.


Glory Reborn supports breastfeeding. We make sure that our babies have the best nutrition that’s available to them through their mother. It’s a beautiful time of bonding, connecting and making sure that they have all the healthy ingredients to grow.


As part of our newborn program, we make sure that babies are immunized for the common diseases that are here in the Philippines to make sure that they live healthy and full lives. Together we’re reducing the rate of infant and neonatal mortality.


Glory Reborn provides baby checkups or newborn care for the first 6-8 weeks of life. This ensures that these babies are the healthiest and happiest in Cebu, and we’re so thankful that we get to be a part of their journey from the womb to their birth.

If you’re not already a partner of Glory Reborn but would love to help cute little ones with us, here are some ways you can:

  • Sponsor A Mom – www.gloryreborn.org/sponsoramom
  • Make A Donation – www.gloryreborn.org/donate-today

Thank you for making this month, Newborn Screening Awareness Month, a successful month of providing life-saving care for little ones. We look forward to your continued partnership to provide healthy moms, healthy babies and hopeful hearts in Cebu. Thank you for making sure that babies have a safe place to come into this world!

Blessings, Hilary

Check out our short video on Glory Reborn’s newborn care:

IMPORTANT UPDATES: Hello, everybody! I’m going to be in the U.S. on the following dates:

October 20 Cielo Vista Church, El Paso

October 24 5:30PM Sweet 16 Special Dinner! Alamo Café, US 281, Frontage Rd, San Antonio, TX 78232 RSVP to Laurie Incledon 210-355-6509

October 26 Coronado Baptist Church, El Paso

October 27 – Grace Community Church, Dallas – Jesus Chapel West, El Paso

November 2 2PM Sweet 16 Pie Day Celebration! Great American Steakburger, 701 S Mesa Hills, El Paso TX, 79912 RSVP to hilary@gloryreborn.com

November 3 – Crosspoint Church, El Paso – Calvary Chapel Sun City, El Paso

David will be joining for a portion of the trip! We’re looking forward to catching up with you when we’re back in the US.