Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon Sep 19 2011

Open Minds & Big Hearts – a Visitor’s Experience

We wanted to share with you a little story from a volunteer who recently came and worked with us in Cebu:

This summer, Martine and I were so lucky and privileged to spend one month at Glory Reborn Clinic in Cebu City. Both of us had just graduated from high school, and were looking forward to getting some new experiences and inspiration that would bring further in our lives. And sure we did…

open minds

Working at the clinic with the GR staff really had an effect on us. By closely watching and following the clinic’s work for one month, we saw a staff loving their jobs; taking good care of the mums and babies before-, during- and after the birth. We could easily see how essential and what a big effect they’re sharing of knowledge and their big hearts has in the society! Admiring and very inspiring to see how they promote healthy mums, healthy babies and hopeful hearts, because they really do a wonderful and important job!

Keep up the good work, you are making a big difference! I feel really grateful to get to know your open minds and big hearts; you are wonderful, Glory Reborn Organization.

– Helene, Norway