Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon May 09 2016

Our Partnership with PTI

Glory Reborn has continually looked forward to offering our services on a broader scale in the city. We are eager to expand our services not only in offering quality health care to expectant mothers, but also in the education and awareness of the importance of reproductive health in all its aspects. With that said, we are grateful for the partnerships we have with local organizations that share a similar vision with us. One of which we have long partnered with is Paglaum Training International (PTI) Cebu. Paglaum which means hope. PTI Cebu is a humanitarian organization that helps vulnerable people, especially the young adults with history of exploitation or trafficking, to become economically sufficient by giving them the essentials they need to gain a sustainable and safe employment. The organization provide scholarships and soft skills training to equip its participants with the basic requirements an employer will need.

Glory Reborn’s partnership with PTI is through educating their students on Reproductive health – which includes information on HIV awareness, Sexual health and Family planning. PTI has seen that unplanned pregnancies as well as ongoing, unmanaged health conditions have become a hindrance for their students in seeking jobs that help secure their future. With this, we are more than happy to serve in the health information that may eventually lead to responsible personal development and healthier lives.

We are also blessed to have the opportunity to refer our patients in their programs. This month, we just celebrated the graduation of our 5th clinic patient who completed her PTI training. Coming from what seemed to be a hopeless situation of deep hurt and adjusting to becoming a young parent at the same time, we are so proud of her perseverance and pursuance of healing, health and education. We are also proud to say that she at the top of her class! We are very thankful for PTI opening their doors to our moms enrolled at the clinic for a bright future of success ahead and how thankful we are for the grace and healing that Jesus brings as we put our lives in His hands. Truly all things work together for good!

Through partnerships like that of PTI, our services become more meaningful and widespread. Working hand in hand with people that share the passion for helping not only through ‘one-time’ results but with lasting effects, encourages us that there is great hope for the future ahead. who knows what we could do with so much more!