Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Fri Aug 24 2007

Poverty's Role

Obviously, poverty plays a critical role in the development of a nation. Here at Glory Reborn, our patients are affected by poverty on a daily basis. I will also admit that Glory Reborn’s decisions are affected by poverty. For example, if we have a patient who has borderline risks during her labor, we are faced with tough decisions. “Should we take her to the public hospital?” “We know that the public hospital will not do anything more than we are doing, but are we risking too much?” “We want to take this woman to the public hospital, but the doctor there will not accept her!” These are just a few thoughts that we face every week, and the situation seems to be worsening. Hilary met with the Consulting OB/GYN of the public hospital, who informed us that they (the only public hospital of Cebu City, mandated to provide free care for the general public): do not have a working fetal monitor; do not have a working doppler; have an anesthesiologist; the anesthesiologist only works Monday – Friday from 8 a.m – 5 p.m.; have not received their budget for this year due to mismanagement of funds last year.

These are the situations that planted the dream of Glory Reborn in our hearts, to help the people who suffer from these facts. Glory Reborn is doing this on a “micro” or “individual” level for every patient we have, but we are also trying to foster development on a “macro” level by advocating for human rights in healthcare. We ask for your continuing assistance in doing so, and your thoughts and prayer as we face these challenges daily!

(Although impossible to explain the poverty that grips the Philippines, I have posted some pictures that will give you a glimpse.)