Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sat Dec 12 2015


I would like to introduce you to Meg (real name replaced to protect privacy). We came to know Meg about three years ago, a little before her first pregnancy and got to know her more throughout her pregnancy care. Meg has the brightest smile you can imagine and is a ray of sunshine to all our hearts. She has had a very difficult life with some physical challenges and a life of being mistreated (to put it nicely) by those closest to her. Meg explained to us one day that while she was still a fetus in her mother’s womb she survived an alleged attempted abortion. Due to this, she struggles with some physical challenges, but despite her struggles, she portrays an attitude of a champion who has come through victoriously. We are ever so glad that she survived as she is a precious princess to us all around her! Her smile just lights up the whole clinic every time she is around. Meg had to deliver her first baby via cesarean section and she did wonderfully well and had a beautiful baby girl. Both of these princesses came to visit us often in the clinic and brought much joy to us all.

One day, Meg came back to the clinic not her smiley self. She had found out that she was pregnant again and knew she would need another cesarean delivery. We assured her that she had come to the right place and we are thankful that our OB was willing to take her case for another healthy pregnancy and delivery. Meg is the kindest and dearest young woman. When she came one day with signs of mistreatment, my heart just broke.

It was not her fault that she was in the life situations that she was in and she certainly needed to know that she is so valuable not just to us but to our Heavenly King. She is a child of the King, a princess! So with the support around us, we were able to help Meg realize her great value. She went on to deliver with our OB another healthy, beautiful baby girl. Both Meg and baby are doing very well. I always love these “stories of love” because they are not just stories, they are precious people right in our doors and in our hearts that we have the honor of journeying with and investing in. More than pregnancy and delivery referral, what Meg needed was someone to show here how valuable she is to us, to the world and to our ever loving God.

We are called ‘prince and princesses’ of the King not because of who or what we are and what we could do but because this is how we know love, that Jesus took our sin, our shame and all our mistakes and said, “It is finished!”

He made a way for each of us to not just be called children of God but to experience and live in the fullness of love as child of a King. When you see a dear heart realize her value, her worth, the depth of HIS love for her, those moments are worth every moment of time, every tear, every investment, and what an honor it is to be loved by the King!