Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Mon Jun 07 2010

Reality versus Ideals

At Glory Reborn, we see a majority of patients who have no other options during their pregnancy. Some come to us happy and jubilant, others come to us in tears and in dire situations. We are here to provide them with tangible healthcare that they can rely on, and for the majority of our patients, we try to give them at least a glimmer of hope before they leave.

We do however have limitations on the care that we can give and therefore we are caught in the reality of the developing world. In an ideal world, these women would have access to high-quality, affordable healthcare when they need procedures that we cannot provide. In this real world, they can only afford to be treated at the public hospital, which provides the best they can, however it is sub-par care. On a daily basis, we often have to deal with these situations and make decisions that involve the lives of our patients in the frustrating gray area between ideals and reality. We had one such situation this week.

A mom name Johna came to us during her pregnancy and was happy to be at Glory Reborn, however during her labor this past Friday we learned that the baby’s heartbeat showed decelerations below the normal range. This was manageable if there would be an improvement. However after close monitoring at the clinic there was not an improvement, so she needed to be transported. Hilary was with her and she called me and said, “David, we have this situation, what should we do?”. Which basically meant that we had to make a decision from the gray area, do we just let the hardship of reality take affect and have a negative outcome. Or do we intervene and hope that the patient as well as our charity program could cover the cost. Quite literally this mom’s and baby’s lives were in our hands, and a decision had to be made. We decided to go with our ideals and had the patient admitted to the private hospital. The family said they would try to pay and our doctor would not charge us, and we have a memorandum of understanding with the hospital in which all of our patients will get a discount.

Johna had a cesarian section and she was stable. However, after birth, the doctors noticed some problems with baby Kyle. He was quickly rushed intoBaby Kyle in the hospitalthe NICU, and his life was being supported by a ventilator. After an extensive workup he was diagnosed with a congenital pulmonary abnormality that was life threatening. Tragically, in spite of the best care that the doctors and hospital could provide, Kyle passed away Saturday night. Sometimes, even when we chose ideals, the reality still overwhelms the situation.

We share this story with you to give you a little glimpse into the situation that we face daily at Glory Reborn, but also a real glimpse the situation of Johna and a chance to respond. She has been through quite a bit, and our social worker and counselors are visiting her daily. She and her parents have raised as much money as they can, and we would like to ask for you help with this situation. After all the discounts and pro bono work from our doctor, due to Kyle’s complications the total due is nearly $2,500.00 We would like to share this financial burden with our patient, and would like to see if you would partner with us and with Johna in this very real and practical way.


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