Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Apr 01 2020

Responding to Coronavirus


Dear Friends and Partners,

We hope that you are all safe and staying home throughout this pandemic, and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone facing this situation, especially the medical front-liners! We are asking for your added prayers and support in this URGENT time that we face together!

The Philippines has been declared to be under a “State of Emergency”. We are currently under lockdown for 30 days in what is deemed a Code Red situation. As you can imagine, in a developing country there is a lot of panic and uncertainty given the state of the public healthcare system and the poverty level of many of our clients. While many of us have the luxury of going to a store and stocking up for what we will need to live at home for weeks, the majority of Filipinos do not have this opportunity.

Staying at home means no work and when you live on a daily income, no work means no food. For our families who survive on minimal daily incomes by driving public transportation or sorting garbage in the dumpsite, how do they survive this crisis time? With orders to stay home and an enforced curfew, they suffer not only from fear of a virus but also from the reality of how they will feed their children today. How will they pay for their upcoming baby?

Glory Reborn continues to have its doors open to serve the marginalized mothers and babies in our licensed healthcare facility. We are geared up in PPE and bringing health and hope to many hearts. Today we received a message from one of our mothers that she does not even have 16 cents for her the transportation fare to come to the clinic for a check-up and she is expected to deliver her baby any day. We are now providing transportation for our mothers to ensure mom and baby are healthy and provided for through our social work and healthcare program and during this crisis time where there is no public transportation.


The coronavirus pandemic will deeply affect the world, and most especially the marginalized communities where the lack of access to healthcare check-ups and financial resources for laboratory tests are already existing problems. With your partnership, we can still ensure continued access to care for marginalized mothers.

As you prepare your own household for this time of crisis would you also consider partnering with Glory Reborn to ensure marginalized mothers and babies in the Philippines get the quality care they need?

$35 will sponsor a mom and baby for a month during this time of national crisis. We have over 200 mothers in our care at present and hope to have everyone sponsored for one month at $7,000. We deeply appreciate your partnership in helping us ensure Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies and Hopeful Hearts in Cebu, Philippines during the days of the COVID-19 crisis.

With Sincere Thanks,



With your partnership and the partnership of the local Cebu community, we are so grateful to be able to provide our staff with the initial personal protective equipment. My heart is so full and so proud of our incredible team who have been doing an incredible job of providing health and hope to families through this time. Our supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) is enough for two more weeks. We need your help to keep our team protected! A complete set of equipment is approximately $50 per staff member. We have 27 active staff members working through this health crisis. To sponsor every staff member with a full protective suit with equipment for 2 weeks is $1,350. Together we can continue to bring LIFE into the world safely for the mothers and babies of Cebu.