Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Mar 16 2016

Seeing hope

Born into this world with Congenital Cataract, Marjorie (not her real name), 24 years old, has never had the chance to see the beauty of the world around her. Marjorie came to us being referred by her landlady. She came to us like any ordinary patient would, despite her blindness, she never asked or expected too much. She has lived day to day working as a masseuse with just approximately 50-100 dollars per month. It takes about 3 public Jeepney rides to get to her workplace from where she lives. She has stopped her working routines when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby. She and her husband (who is also blind) ha been preparing for the coming of their child since then.


Marjorie is too excited to bring a life into this world. Our prayers are with her as she shares that her only wish at the moment is that her child will not have the same fate as she had as she came into this world with her condition being genetic as she shares the condition with an aunt and three of her five siblings. Ganahan ko akong anak maka duwa-duwa kai mao jud na ako’ng wala na buhat pagkabata. Nagdako ko nga nagbasol sa Ginoo kay in.ani ko, pero nadawat raman sad nako nagkadako ko – dili ko ganahan ma experience na sa akong anak. (I want my child to play like regular kids do, ‘cause I have been deprived of that when I was a child. I grew up blaming God for my situation, but I eventually accepted it, I just don’t want my child to go through what I had) Mary Joy expressed.

We have been excited to be of service to her in the clinic and be with her into her journey towards motherhood, as patients like Marjorie always hold an extra special place in our hearts. Our hearts swelled in honor as she cried upon sharing to us her experiences with Glory Reborn. She expressed how thankful she is that in Glory Reborn, she has met a lot of people who are supporting her in this journey. She is thankful for finding a new family in Glory Reborn as she waits to build her own. We are so thankful that we have not encountered difficulties during her delivery to a beautiful healthy baby girl. We have been keeping a close eye on her, teaching her how to hold her baby and other essentials. Marjorie is also blessed to have her mother by her side to aid her in this new chapter of her life.

marj1 Marj with her mom.

Journeying with our patients have been and will always be very important, and we are delighted we get to share them to you. Thank you for investing in lives.

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