Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Jul 25 2018

Testimonies of Health & Hope + Lots of Exciting Updates!


It was such a blessing to have my mom come visit us in Cebu as we celebrated Amara’s first birthday this month of July. Spending time with my mom reminded me of how Glory Reborn has always had a culture of moms helping moms, and this includes moms from other parts of the world!


Those who know my mom know that she truly has a mother heart. The question “Who ministers to the minister?” was on her mind when she arrived at the clinic, witnessing the team at work, each team member dedicated to providing quality service to each mom who walked in. Mom helped lead our staff Bible study and took part in joining Luke with ministry to our enrolled mothers including visiting them in the home.


I know for Luke and I having mom around to see and experience what we do everyday is in itself so fulfilling and encouraging. A mother’s love is indeed crucial in the work we do daily!


My mom also lovingly helped take care of her grandkiddos, Fred and Amara, as she invested into their lives and helped us transition Fred into his new school. A mother (and grandmother’s) love, help and support is always a breath of fresh air and reason to celebrate!

I am thankful for a mother who lovingly and generously travels across the world to encourage, bless and love her family. I love this picture of moms investing in moms! We pray that the mothers we assist at Glory Reborn will be the same loving support system that we have been blessed to know and experience.




Once a month we hold a baby party at the clinic for several reasons. Aside from ensuring that all of the moms come back for their baby’s vaccination and their last checkups, the baby party is also, in a way, our last opportunity to minister to the moms as they graduate from our program.

It is a wonderful time of encouraging the moms and their families with God’s Word as well as with cake and gifts for baby! But there’s never a baby party that doesn’t involve shedding a few tears.

Each mom is given the chance to express to both our team and her fellow moms what her motherhood journey at Glory Reborn was like. This is when we realize all over again how faithful God has been in making His love for the moms felt through the service of our hardworking team.

When we hear the gratitude of the moms and even their families, it stirs our hearts and encourages us to keep going even when it gets difficult. Here is a testimony from one of the moms at our July baby party:

“This is where I experienced being with staff who are genuinely concerned about me. Each of us comes from different backgrounds and we all have different problems. Mine was that my partner and I didn’t have stable jobs, and my parents are also barely getting by. It made me feel like giving up on my pregnancy.

The very first time I came to Glory Reborn for my prenatal checkup, I noticed right away that the staff were always smiling and jolly. That’s why I made sure to show up for all of my scheduled checkups! This was the only place where I felt I could breathe. Whenever I was at home, all I thought about was our problems. But whenever I came here and saw the real concern from the midwives and nurses, it really encouraged me.

Even after I gave birth and came to the clinic for my and my baby’s checkups, they cared enough to find out why my baby was always crying. It turned out that my baby was crying so much because she had rashes. It was the first time I experienced where the staff paid attention to our needs without even being asked first. I’m so thankful to all of you at Glory Reborn. I’m so thankful that I did not give up on my baby, because I know in my heart that God is helping me. Thank you!”

Glory Reborn exists for just this! Journeying with mothers in health and hope and continuing that journey of investing in the next generation of lives. Love, laughter, hope, the glory of Jesus re-born in each and every heart. The baby party each month is always a reminder to us of this mission we believe in, complete, quality, holistic care for mothers and babies that brings the gospel alive!


This September & October, Amara and I will be in the US for the celebration of Glory Reborn’s 15th year anniversary. Wow, that is fifteen years of God’s faithfulness to us here in Cebu, Philippines!

El Paso friends please keep your calendar marked for October 6th as I will look forward to seeing you all and sharing the updates from Glory Reborn Cebu.



Many of you know that David and I have been processing Fred’s adoption for 4 and a half years. We finally have a scheduled court hearing this August 10 PH time (August 9 US time). We are praying for a favorable decision from the court and would appreciate your prayers for our family during this time!

We are specifically praying that Fred would be granted travel permission to join us in October in the US on our trip.

Blessings, Hilary

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