Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Dec 12 2017

The Birth of Hope


Christmas time always holds a special place in my heart. Running a maternity center, I always hope that if we were in Bethlehem oh so many years ago and had a knock on our door that we would have opened our clinic home to a laboring Mary and a nervous first time father, Joseph to gently be part of the birth of Jesus. Perhaps what I love so much about the Christmas story is that the very life and hope that Jesus brought through his humble birth is what we get to live out with each ring of our clinic doorbell as we welcome new life into the world. I am confident that in the over 4,000 babies that have been birthed in our humble clinic there are among them nation changers, world leaders, influencers, hard workers, loving parents, educators, scientists and the list of infinite possibilities goes on and on. From humble beginnings greatness, change, love, a hope and a future can be birthed! And oh what an honor it is for us to get to be the first loving touch, the first hands to catch these precious lives. Blessing them from their first breath to live in the fullness of the hope and life that Jesus gave to us on that Christmas Day.

As we prepared for our last baby party and our last HIV support group meeting of 2017, I was so touched to hear how 2017 impacted the lives of the moms that we work with. I asked them a simple question, “How has Glory Reborn/Support Group helped you in 2017?” These were some of their comments:

“Before I don’t have any happiness, I am always sick. I am in and out of the hospital, Glory Reborn and the support group gave me a reason to be happy because I have found a home in the group.”

“They have introduced me to Jesus. They taught us that Jesus is the great comforter. When I am in the group I can feel real happiness.”

“I cannot forget the teaching they shared to us especially about the worship. It really helps me not only in my pregnancy but also in having a relationship with the Lord.”

I believe that this is what the birth of the King of Kings is truly all about. Giving hope, giving joy, welcoming into a family those who have been “orphaned” by this world. Luke 2:14 says, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” What a privilege to see and interact first hand with peace being given to hearts, good will being offered to those who once saw no future ahead for them. As we look back on 2017 we are so thankful for the impact that each of you has had in helping us birth and invest in so many precious mommies and babies who will continue to be peacemakers and bring goodness to this nation. As one of our mothers stated, “I pray the blessing and good health for the sponsors (of Glory Reborn).” May each of you and the families you represent be blessed, full of peace, full of good will and may it continue to reach those nearest you and those across the globe. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each of you from Glory Reborn!

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