Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Sep 04 2011

the Coffee Challenge

our crazy idea about being able to change the world with the cost of a cup of coffee. We <3 Coffee. Seriously. So it happened in fact that while we were in line at our local coffee shop we got to thinking about this: Rather than sipping on our delicious one pump Almond Soy Lattes (insert beverage of your choice here) every day, could we really make a difference with the $3 (or let’s be honest- MORE than $3) we spend daily on our caffeine fix.

So we started doing some math…well actually I (David) did, because you should all know I am still not a midwife, but I am an Economist, and well we found some pretty interesting results:

coffee vs moms and babies

Our total cost to provide everything for both mom & baby, from prenatal care to newborn care is $400.

If we spend $3 on our daily latte, times 365 days a year that is a grand total $1,095 on coffee or around $100 a month ($91.25 for the accountants out there). Before you freak out on how much money you are actually spending on coffee every month, remember that you are going to change the world with this money!

If you divide the total annual coffee budget by $400, we could help 2.74 women have safe and healthy pregnancies at our clinic with our daily coffee budget. 2 women & Â therefore 2 babies for a total of 4 lives saved. Now that is amazing! Now you have the opportunity to really make a difference with that coffee budget and choose Moms & Babies over Coffee.

We’ve setup some monthly donations that allow you to easily sign up and continue to make a difference all year long, they even come in 3 convenient sizes: