Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Jul 31 2007

The Joys of the Philippines

Well as many of you know, the Philippines has gained some increasing notoriety recently for a prison video. If you have not seen it, please view it. There are actually a collection of videos and dances that the prisoners, who are in a correction facility here in Cebu, perform. Philippine Prison Video

On top of the dancing, one thing that has always drawn our attention is the names that people are given here. You may have heard stories, but we just love the creativity here. All names in the Philippines are very unique! Here is a list of a few that we have had this year. Enjoy!

  • Precious Faith,
  • Precious Deborah Leian,
  • Ice Angel,
  • Heman,
  • Lord Jaderick,
  • Lord Elgein,
  • Iniegee,
  • Belteshazzar,
  • Ahl,
  • Regsxan,
  • Princess Kelly,
  • John Ckackie,
  • Keith Ho Well,
  • Kilsey Queen,
  • Nash Zharel,
  • Wincy,
  • Barbie Gayle,
  • Edchel,
  • Zhinamae Ruana,
  • Rapunzel,
  • Hua Ze Lei,
  • Myrrh Felicity,
  • Risen Jenmary,
  • Dhenveir,
  • Sofia Dave (Baby Girl),
  • Euzeka Nicole,
  • Mary Madonna,
  • Cromwell,
  • Herbie,
  • Irish