Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Tue Nov 29 2016

The Right to A Safe Delivery

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Marilyn* is pregnant with her third baby at age 21. Marilyn came to Glory Reborn through a referral from the local social services program. When Marilyn was born, her father left the family and her mother needed to find work to survive. This was extremely difficult and thusshe could not take care of her daughter, so she gave Marilyn to a friend who raised her. Marilyn felt loved and cared for by her foster mother and father despite the fact that they had eight children and neither foster parent had stable work. She was only able to complete her education until the second grade due to the family’s need for her and her siblings to work. When she was 17, Marilyn met her first boyfriend and became pregnant. Without any income Marilyn delivered her first baby in their simple home in the marginalized area, luckily she and her baby survived. The relationship with this boyfriend did not last long and she met her second boyfriend, the father of her second baby and the father of her current pregnancy. With her second delivery Marilyn again delivered at home due to lack of financial support for pregnancy and delivery care. Marily was happy to hear about Glory Reborn from the local social welfare program and enrolled pregnant with her third baby hoping for the first time to deliver her baby in the safety and security of a licensed clinic with a professional health care attendant delivering her baby. To help support their growing family and her foster mother’s health expenses Marilyn’s partner is working as a bag packer earning $5.30 a day. At 21 years old with soon to be three children to care for Marilyn is also eager to avail of Glory Reborn’s free family planning services after her delivery, allowing her and her partner to invest in the health and education of their three children. As a non-profit organization Glory Reborn invests in mothers and babies with quality care through the support of a handful of faithful individuals. We have successfully delivered nearly 4,000 healthy babies in the past 13 years with just 70 faithful individual donors. Investing in lives has never been more rewarding. Glory Reborn believes that every mother should have access to quality pregnancy care, a safe and skilled delivery, and newborn assistance despite their socioeconomic class. Adopt a mom for $50 a month for 9 months and help us ensure a safe delivery, a healthy baby and a hopeful future for mommies just like Marilyn. Vist https://gloryreborn.org/donate/ or https://gloryreborn.org/ to join us as we continue to journey with mothers like Marilyn.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the client.