Dave Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Thu Jul 14 2011

Update to Emily’s Story – John Kennedy is born

First, I would like to thank everyone for all the support, donations, thoughts & prayers that you sent for our precious mom Emily. We really appreciate it!

I’d like to introduce John Kennedy. No, he is not the former US president, but who knows, he may be a future President of the Philippines someday.


Emily's Baby - John Kennedy

Emily had a safe and healthy delivery via c-section with our physician at the hospital. While this may seem like just one mom in the midst of so many, we are confident that the quality of care that we provide to every mom who walks into our clinic is literally saving lives. Our vision is to expand our care and center to care for more moms & babies and to increase the services that we can provide. We are so thankful for the support that you provide which gives us an opportunity to save lives, just like Emily’s, on a daily basis.

We are continuing in our vision of creating Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies & Hopeful Hearts on a daily basis here in Cebu and we can always use your support! It’s a simple & effective way to save women worldwide.

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