Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Thu Nov 03 2016

Wendy is becoming a social worker and dreams of helping others


Wendy is a 22-year-old college student, studying for her Bachelor of Science in Social Work. She is currently fulfilling her “on the job training” and expects to graduate next year. Wendy’s live-in partner works as a sales clerk. He earns just enough to support Wendy’s education and provide for the family’s needs. During the journey to fulfill her dream and become a social worker, Wendy has known the challenges of reaching for a dream. Wendy had to stop her schooling twice due to financial constraints. She took on small jobs as she could and she never stopped dreaming. She has experienced first-hand the struggle of making ends meet and the feeling of helplessness, which in turn made her dream to become a social worker only stronger. Now in the final months of schooling, Wendy continues to work hard to reach her goal of becoming a social worker with a dream to help other “Wendy’s” just like her in the future.

Currently Wendy is pregnant with her second baby however her first baby only survived a few months in her womb. Statistically, three out of four miscarriages occur during the first three months of pregnancy and are usually due to complications with the baby. Almost 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage similar to Wendy’s first loss. Tragically the joy and excitement of many pregnancies, including Wendy’s first, end with this loss. Due to this experience and in spite of her active school schedule, Wendy faithfully complies with her current pregnancy check-ups. Wendy is eager to participate in the Glory Reborn program where she is learning about pregnancy, improving her own health, and planning for a bright future for her new baby. Wendy is hopeful that one day soon she’ll be able to hold her second baby in her arms.

While Wendy is excited about the miracle growing inside of her she is also feeling the pressures that surround her. She is a student nearing graduation and she is relying on her partner who is earning minimum wage ($7.25/day) to help the family survive. We invite you to partner with Glory Reborn as we reach out to mothers like Wendy to ensure they receive high quality pregnancy care, a safe labor and delivery and a healthy start to new motherhood at charitable costs.

As a non-profit organization Glory Reborn invests in mothers and babies with quality care through the support of a handful of faithful individuals. We have successfully delivered nearly 4,000 healthy babies in the past 13 years with just 70 faithful individual donors. Investing in lives has never been more rewarding. Visit http://www.gloryreborn.org/donate/ to join us as we continue to journey with mothers like Wendy.

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