Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Wed Mar 16 2016

What's Ahead in 2016?

Twelve years into operation and we still get the same excitement we got (since the days of Hilary the midwife and Dave the assistant) for every miracle that comes to life in our clinic. We never tire of seeing new staff members and volunteers to work with, of every community/organization that reaches us to work hand in hand with. We still can’t get used to getting our hearts filled with joy for every recognition, every ‘thank you’ we get, every compliment we receive be it via social media, private messages or personally. Our minds never grew weary for every new learning opportunity, for every lesson and for every piece of information we get knowing we can impart them to our patients, or to serve the community better.

We are always too thankful for every amount of donation that goes in. Your support is making a lasting impact on every mother, child, family and community. We always wish and find more ways to create bigger impacts as the years grow by. We hope you never tire of supporting us as well. We have had our hands full in making small to big picture plans for the clinic and we try our best to keep you updated in the best and fastest way possible. We also want to hear your thoughts and suggestions as to what else do you want to know more about us, the other ways you can help, what stories do you want to see or share. Send us a message, we will always be happy to accommodate those!

Growing Beyond Our Communities In 2016 we are looking forward to growing some of the specific programs that Glory Reborn offers to our mothers on a broader scale in our city. With the help of our US Peace Corps volunteer and local doctors, we are eager to expand the services of maternal education, HIV awareness & testing, breastfeeding support, and reproductive health beyond the clinic and outreach sites and offer it to the general public of Cebu City. We believe there is a need (and a demand) to take these services that we are offering within the clinic to a larger audience. We hope this would lead to Glory Reborn building a hospital which would serve as a hub in the center of our city for women’s needs. We pray it will also be a safe place for women who are difficult situations to come and be educated, tested, encouraged, and find the support they need.

Investing In Our Staff In 2016 we are excited to have our ministry program officially launching. In the year ahead we will specifically be focusing on investing in our staff – encouraging them, mentoring them, and helping bring the core of the Gospel alive in their hearts. It’s certainly not an easy task to support 43 staff on a personal level and we are so thankful for the ministry team this year! If you are a female looking for somewhere to invest your year in mentorship, worship, and intercessory prayer please contact us at info@gloryreborn.com

Growing Internationally We are believing that 2016 will bring growth for Glory Reborn not just as birthing center in Cebu, Philippines but also growth with our international partners in the US and Australia. We are looking ahead at all that is involved for our hospital campaign and eager to continue taking the steps of growth from clinic to hospital. We are thankful for the local doctors and team who are actively helping us shape this hospital into a reality and excited to grow our partnerships around the world this year.

What are some of our needs in 2016 Did you know that Glory Reborn does over 2,500 prenatal check ups in a year?! Did you know that we have enrolled over 160 mothers in our feeding program to ensure they deliver healthy, full term babies? Did you know that five out of seven days in a week our outreach team and social workers do home visits to find out the real situation of each of our patients? Did you know that we do all of this with just 2 working heartbeat Dopplers from Amazon, an egg vendor at the end of the street and 43 very dedicated staff?

In 2016 from the very basic, practical assistance that we provide our patients to the investment in paying our amazing team, it is a great year to support Glory Reborn.

As we look at all that has happened in 2015 we know that certainly we can make our plans however the Lord will direct and ordain our steps.