Hilary Overton
Glory Reborn Founder
Sun Apr 16 2017

Where Medicine Meets Ministry

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The clinic is bustling full of patients in every room, four new lives have been born during the night and the sound of crying newborns fills the clinic air. New moms are smiling and proudly cradling their little ones. I walk past the kitchen area and see new dads washing dishes and preparing breakfast for their wives/partners. As I make my rounds and meet each new life there is much joy in the air, healthy moms and healthy babies, what a great way to start this Monday morning.

Walking from the post delivery room I head to the triage area where it is packed full of new mommies who have come early to enroll in the clinic. Going inside I see our social workers at work interviewing new patients, hearing the life stories of our new patients. In the next room you can hear the sound of a baby’s heartbeat beating loud and clear through the doppler as prenatal check ups for these new mommies has started. Heading upstairs there is laughter and smiles as mothers attend the health education class. Every staff member is working hard ensuring lives are well invested in.

I settle in upstairs ready to interview the new patients about their medical history. As the day goes on, nearly 40 interviews later, what stands out to me are the very unique stories of each mommy. One has only just gotten a positive pregnancy test and is eager to learn everything about how to take care of her developing baby. Another is a drug addict who is hoping to change her life with this next pregnancy. One is unsure of who the father of the baby may be but a picture of her new little life growing along well brings joy and peace.

Another is the daughter of one of our previous patients. Her baby brother was born in the clinic just a few years back and now she is eager to enroll at her mother’s recommendation. So many life stories, so many new life stories about to begin and the exciting part, we get to start our journey with each of these growing families.

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Throughout the course of their pregnancy care at Glory Reborn these mommies will be prayed over, reminded how valuable they are, how loved they are, and they will learn about their pregnancy through our health classes. Not only that but our social workers and outreach workers will visit each of their homes and check in on how they are doing as the pregnancy progresses. This is what I cherish about Glory Reborn, the investment in the journey with our patients. Seeing them not just through their pregnancy but seeing their hearts and lives transformed. The culmination of this is heard during their testimony sharing at the monthly baby party. Hearing mommies share how they gained hope through the pregnancy care and prayers. How they had many burdens and now they have been lifted. Glory Reborn is where the testimony of Jesus meets the practical hand of Jesus in a beautiful exchange of quality care for new life being formed in hearts and in the womb. This is truly what it means to see glory reborn, reborn in lives and hearts in the spiritual and in the practical. We are thankful for our ministry coordinator, Luke and the staff that assist in making each life feel so valuable.